Buying A Star At A Gift Shop Or A Mall Is Not The Only Way Of How To Name A Star

You can name a star, present it as a gift on a silver tray, add it to an itinerary, post it on a starry night view or a starry sky chart and more. Star Registry is an online registry where you are able to create and edit star names free. You have to pay just $10 per name if you are a registered member.

Star Registry has a huge database of names of over 2 million celestial objects. This is categorized into 12 segments. These include outer solar system objects, shooting stars, main belt galaxies, fuzzy galaxies, cluster galaxies, gas giants, pulsars and variable stars. You can find your favorite object in one segment, if you are buying a star. Different from buying a star at a gift shop, buying a star from a star shop usually involves buying a star by surname and order number.

When you buy a star, the amount you pay will depend on how much you want to name the star. The cost will also be determined by what type of star you are buying. There are different types of stars that can be bought. There is a small mass-named “Aristarch”, a rocky ice mass named “Aphrodite” and a supergiant called “Sodium Hydroxide”. The mass category (i. the size of the star) you choose will also determine how much you are asked to pay.

If you want to be innovative and would like to name a star after a person or thing that is close to your heart, you may want to consider naming one star after a significant other. This way you can both be delighted with the results. The same goes if you have a child in college and want to give them their first star. A parent can choose a name for their child and then buy them their first star while a sibling can take their name and buy them a second star.

Many people believe naming stars is expensive and is beyond their financial means. In fact this is not true as there are a number of places on earth that are capable of offering to help. For instance, NASA offers naming grants to help individuals design, build and repair space ships. They offer several different options, all of which do not cost thousands of dollars.



that you have is that NASA does not list prices for viewing their star chart. You will need to visit the Astronomy website in order to get an up close look at the stars that are visible from your location. There is no charge for this service and it is completely free. You will find many different


, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn as well as other celestial bodies, and they will all appear as bright stars on your chart. It may seem a bit strange at first, but you will have much more appreciation for how much they are to the universe.

If you are considering naming stars after animals or plants, you may wish to consider something a bit more unique.For example, one unusual suggestion buy a star is to name a star after a fish, a reptile or an amphibian. All of these organisms have special characteristics and they can all be named. There are even several specific star catalogs available online that cater to specific animals or plants.

Even though naming a star can be a little pricey, most people feel that the expense is worth it. It will provide a sense of gratification when you visit your star at night and can look out and see it shining brightly. You can purchase the gift of a lifetime and be able to tell your significant other that you did. When you purchase this type of present, be sure to also include a certificate with your purchase